Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New You!!

So I know we are only two days in, but its never too early to check your progress on your New You resolutions. I don't think this technically counts as it was New Year's Eve, but my last shopping trip of the year was not a successful one. My brother is a butcher at a local grocery store and we were having a large group of people over. So he was preparing a prime rib roast for me to pick up. I knew I had to get it early in the day to allow for prepping and cooking it in time for dinner. But when your three year old is asking you to crawl in your bed with her and watch her new Tinkerbell movie she got for Christmas it can be difficult to resist. So I got out a little later than I had wanted. We got there and I realized I had forgotten all of my coupons. So I had to decide do I buy what I had planned to buy even though I didn't have my coupons, change my plans for the meal, or go home and go to another store to finish my shopping. I decided to proceed with most of my plans even though I didn't have my coupons. Sometimes you have to weigh what is worth more, the money or your sanity? So we proceeded with our shopping trip and checked out. I got everything loaded up in the car and realized that the cashier didn't give me my cash back. I had to unload my daughter and go back into the store. I had really hoped to get my daughter to take a nice long nap as we wanted her to stay up until midnight. She fell asleep in the car on the way home, but had an accident and woke up. There was no getting her back to sleep. I unpacked my groceries and had planned out my prepping based on the cooking time my brother gave me for the roast. So now three hours later we pull out the roast and he begins to carve it, and its not done. I pretty much had a meltdown. But I did my best to pull it together as we had a house full of people and put it back in. We finally ate dinner around 9 o'clock and the kids did make it to midnight. In the end we had a blast playing Just Dance on the Wii with our friends and toasting to the New Year. Although goals our great to have, sometimes being too hard on yourself to follow them can be worse. How have you been doing on your New You resolutions?